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Cruise & Pier Transportation

Connecticut Car Service provides their clients with safe and reliable transportation to and from major cruise and pier terminals located in New York and New Jersey.


We service the following Cruise/Pier Terminals:


Manhattan Cruise Terminal (NY)

Brooklyn Cruise Terminal (NY)

Cape Liberty Cruise Terminal (NJ)


Cruise Terminal & Pier Pickup Procedures

Cruise & Pier Pick-ups:


Due to high security at all piers and cruise terminals, vehicles are no longer allowed to park and pick up passengers.  Once you depart the ship, please proceed, with your luggage, to the ground level and call our office or your driver if you already have his or her information.  The dispatcher will then notify the driver, who will be circling or waiting nearby, and he/she will meet you at the cruise transportation pickup area. 


To make the pickup process easier please let us know the correct pier and dock number in which you are standing by.

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