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                                                 Terms & Conditions




This terms applies either a contract was made in writing or verbally.




If you have an INSIDE PICK-UP scheduled for when you arrive at the airport. Your driver will be inside the terminal holding a sign with your name or your company’s name on it. (Please if you see that it is taking a little longer than normal via customs or departing the air craft, please contact your driver or office so we know what your status is)


If you have a CURBSIDE PICK-UP, you will receive a TEXT MESSAGE and a VOICE MAIL with your driver’s contact number so that after you get your luggage you may call your driver directly.  Your driver will be in the vehicle parked at the cell phone parking area waiting for your call or our's to inform him/her that you have your luggage and are ready to be picked-up outside in one of the passenger pick-up locations. We will do as much as we are able to do to contact you with the phone numbers that you have provided us with.


Should you lose your phone or if your phone doesn't work for any reason, please use a pay phone to call our office 203-400-5811. Your driver will not drive around the airport to look for you unless there is some kind of communication that you are outside.




$20.00 fee for Arrivals and Departures that occur between 12:01am and 5:00am.


Waiting Time:

Pickup Time: Connecticut Car Service allows you to appoint a pickup time that works for your flight plan going to the airport.  You are allowed only 10 additional minutes after your pickup time for loading before a $1.00 a minute charge starts. 


Airport Wait Time: Additional charges may incur for waiting time for arriving flights. At Connecticut Car Service; all flight arrival times are updated in real time. Our information is only as reliable as the information provided by the airlines and airports. Wait time will start thirty (30) minutes past the last posted flight landing time for domestic flights and (45) minutes after international flight landing. Wait time will be billed at the rate of  $1.00  per minute after the wait time has passed and the customer had contacted the office or the driver when they are at the designated pickup area. We are not responsible for any wait time that may occur due to lost or delayed bags or delayed flight deplaning. The wait time charge will be billed once the pickup has been completed. An invoice will be sent with the breakdown cost if applicable. 

Cruise Terminal Waiting Time: There is a $1.00 per minute charge after the appointed pickup time has passed. Waiting time stops once the passenger(s) are at the designated pickup location. We strive to appoint a pickup time that allows enough time to go through customs and collect your bags. We are not responsible for any delays that may occur when disembarking from the ship. Please call your cruise line for an estimated time it takes to get off the ship and go through customs. Times may vary depending on if you get your own bags off the ship or you allow the cruise line to take the bags for you. Unfortunately, there is always a risk when making an appointed pickup time since its not a guaranteed time that you will get off the ship.


Cancellation Policy & No Show Policy:


A) Sedan’s: If you are unable to locate your chauffeur at anytime, please call 1-203-400-5811 immediately.  A cancellation fee equal to the total trip cost will be charged for any cancellation made less than 4 hours prior to scheduled pick up time. We are not responsible for passenger flights or trains which are missed, canceled, diverted, delayed or any other incident which results in failure to comply with the Cancellation Policy. Connecticut Car Service requires a 24 hour notice if there will be reservation changes concerning time & date. Cancellations must be phoned in only. We will not be held responsible for any cancellation requests made through email.


B) We are not responsible for no shows due to flight cancellations or change in reservation details . No refund will be applied for no shows. Scheduling a new pickup time & date will result in a full-rate charge for the quoted price given. We will exact our best effort to fulfill client needs in these instances subject to wait time fees or late cancellations and re-bookings without detriment to other reserved clients.


C) Reservation information contained herein is considered true and accurate unless otherwise corrected by notifying us. We are not responsible for any errors made in the reservation that result in no show.  Full trip charge will apply if the passenger fails to contact our office if they are unable to locate their chauffeur.




Please note that all bookings must be made online using our website or over the phone. We cannot accept reservations received by other website or by post.


We promise of immediate execution of reservations:


ll reservations will be processed within 24 hours, and an email sent to you (the customer) no later than 1 working day with receipt, confirming the reservation. However it’s your responsibility to give us correct email address or and contact us if you didn’t receive the email, within next 48 hours after booking.


1. Agreed Price:


The Agreed price is the price to be paid for the journey as stated on our website. When submitting an  online reservation form you authorize Connecticut Car Service to charge your credit card the amount displayed on our website. The times, route and other details of the journey are stipulated on the booking confirmation. Any requests to modify any of these details should be made to us at least 2 days in advance of the date of travel and we will endeavor to accommodate minor changes to the customer’s requirement subject to our ability to do so. Agreed journey changes, including additional pick up or drop off points, may result in additional costs to the customer. Any additional cost will be notified to you at the time the requested changes are accepted by us.


2. Additional Stops:


An additional charge for stops within the same town of $30.00 per stop will be added to fares. Additional stops in bordering towns will be billed based on distance between stops adding to the higher towns' fare. 

2.1 Stop Policy during Trip

Passenger requested stops on route during a point-to-point reservation will be charged at twenty (20) dollars per stop if the stop time surpasses 10 minutes. Stops need to be on-route for this to apply.

Passenger requested stops off route for point-to-point reservations will be charged $30.00 per stop.


3. No-Show Fee


A no-show fee equal to the base fare price plus applicable waiting time, 20% service fee and out of pocket expenses will be charged when the passenger fails to show at the designated location. In order to avoid this charge, call Connecticut Car Service at 203-400-5811 if you cannot locate your vehicle or have changed reservation details. Passengers should not leave designated locations without first notifying Connecticut Car Service.


Connecticut Car Service shall not be liable for circumstances beyond its control including weather, road conditions (TRAFFIC) and breakdowns.


4. Payment:


a. You the customer hereby authorize Connecticut Car Service to charge the credit card given for the agreed set price for the reservation and any additional charges that may apply due to delays, cancellations, no shows, waiting time, damages or clean-ups to the interior and exterior of our vehicles.

4.1 Financial Responsibility

The Customer assumes full financial liability for any damage to the vehicles caused by the Customer or the Customer's party during their engagement of Connecticut Car Service services, according to the terms and conditions of our Reservation Agreement.  All fines/expenses will be paid by the Customer. This is including but not limited to: gum, wine and alcohol spillage, vomiting, bodily fluid, breakage of interior lights or damages to the interior/exterior of the vehicle. Repair,replacement or cleaning of items shall have a minimum charge of at least ($100.00) one hundred dollars. All passengers agree to behave in an orderly and well-behaved manner. Connecticut Car Service reserves the right to expel any person from the vehicle and/or terminate this contract in the event of a violation of any of these conditions by any passenger


b. Holiday Surcharge: $40.00 will be applied to any trip on national holidays.


c. A $20.00 subcharge will be added for any pickups between 11:30pm-5:01am. 


Any exceptions to this policy will appear on the booking confirmation and will have been discussed at the time of booking.  Credit Card Transactions will be processed by PAYPAL.NET on behalf of CONNECTICUT CAR SERVICE AND/OR our partnering company MAS LIMOUSINE LLC. 



5. Grace Period:

a. Non Airport Wait Time: Connecticut Car Service does not offer any grace period for non airport pickups. There is an extra $1.00 per minute charge for every minute of waiting time after your pickup has passed. We strive to provide as much time as needed when booking to avoid waiting time to our customers but we are not responsible for any delays that may occur.


b. Airport Drop Offs/Pick ups: Full flight details help us to give you punctual service. We will make reasonable attempts to monitor incoming flight times; however we are unable to access reliable information until shortly before departure or scheduled arrival times. If your flight is delayed, either outbound or inbound you should make contact immediately with Mas Limousine to notify us, so that we can adjust our schedules and re-arrange drivers. We will endeavor to accommodate delayed flights times, but cannot be held liable should circumstances prevent us from being able to respond to changes. In the event we are not reasonably notified of delays, we reserve the right to make additional charges for subsequent collection.


c. Airport Wait Time: Additional charges may incur for waiting time for arriving flights. For Domestic Flights There is no extra charge for the first 30 minutes after the flight lands. After 30 minutes there is an extra $1.00 charge for every 1 minute of waiting time. For International Flights there is no extra charge for the first 1 hour after the flight lands; After 1 Hour there is an extra $ 1.00 charge for every 1 minute of waiting time. For all arriving flights, if you choose CURBSIDE EXPRESS PICK UP:  Call the driver assigned or our office at 203-400-5811 for pick up instruction when you’re ready, if you choose INSIDE MEET AND GREET: Driver Will Meet You outside Customs (for int’l flights) or at the gate, if not then at the baggage claim area (For Domestic flights). To avoid a no-show fee please do not leave the airport before calling the office for assistance. The number is: 203-400-5811.


d. Delayed flights: If the flight is delayed you will not be charged for the first hour, after 1 hour there is a $30.00 charge for every 1 hour of waiting time.


4. Vehicle supplied:


a: We will endeavor to provide the vehicle requested by you. In the unlikely event that we are unable to do so, we reserve the right to provide a substitute vehicle of similar type and capacity.


b: Connecticut Car Service has the right to use any of its affiliates, contract or subcontract any group of individual reservation.


5.  Lost Property:


We are unable to take responsibility for loss of property left in the vehicle at any time or under any circumstances.


6. Breakdown:


In the unlikely event of a break down or the car being rendered unserviceable (for example, in the event of collision) we will use our best endeavors to provide a back up vehicle or vehicles as quickly as possible. However, we cannot be held liable for any consequential loss incurred as a result of vehicle breakdown or similar unavailability.


7. Cancellation by Us:


We reserve the right to cancel the reservation contract if:


a) The client doesn’t accept our terms and conditions


b) One or more of the vehicle you have booked no longer will be able to cover your reservation.


If we do cancel your vehicle hire contract we will notify you by e-mail or phone and we will re-credit your account with any sum deducted by us from your credit card as soon as possible, but in any event within 30 days of your reservation. We will not be obliged to offer any additional compensation for disappointment suffered.


8. Complaints Procedure


In the unlikely event that you have a complaint concerning a reservation through Mas Limousine, either:-


i. Email. We will acknowledge receipt of your email within 2 working days.


ii. Write to Connecticut Car Service, PO BOX 110445, Trumbull, CT, 06611, United States.


iii. Telephone (203) 400-5811. We are open 24 hours for your convenience.


A senior manager at Connecticut Car Service will personally deal with your complaint and you will be kept informed during all stages of the complaints procedure.


We want you to enjoy your experience with us, these Terms and Conditions have been drawn up to outline our policy. We are a small, professional and friendly firm who will try our hardest to ensure your booking is an enjoyable one





Terms Last Updated February 2013


This terms applies either a contract was made in writing or verbally.

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